Dr. Bonham offers a range of consulting services through Andrew J. Bonham Consulting, LLC, spanning his broad research and development experience.  He enjoys working with industry partners on challenging problems related to bio-analytics, bio-sensors, nanomaterials and polymers synthesis & characterization, and bioinformatics.

Areas of particular specialization and available services include:

  • Bioinformatics: Python software development; next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis; data science and predictive machine learning; development of training materials.
  • Data analysis & Technical writing: Analytical chemistry and data science skills; highly published in research articles, science and education grant applications.
  • Protein and nucleic acid interaction and binding characterization: SPR, TIRF, UV-Vis and fluorescence anisotropy, binding kinetics.
  • Polymer and nanomaterials conjugation and characterization: functionalized gold nanoparticles and nanorods, hydrogels, SEM and TEM materials characterization, GC-MS and LC-MS analysis.
  • Recombinant protein expression: vector design, CRISPR, protein expression, protein purification via FPLC. 


“Our team has greatly enjoyed working with Prof. Bonham as a consultant. His rare combination of expertise in biophysics, electrochemical sensors, and computer programming have been invaluable for the projects we’ve collaborated with him on. Also, he is an excellent technical communicator; he has a gift to convey even the most technical idea in a way that his audience understands. Highly recommended!”
-Rob Batchelor, Head of Biosensors, Nutromics

“Andrew is an exceptional scientist with an impressive background in visualization of viruses and cells. Andrew worked with us on visualization of lentivirus with SEM and was engaged, and interactive throughout the process from experimental design to data analysis. I’d highly recommend Andrew for any research projects.”
– Bruce Kerwin, Kerwin Biopharma Consulting LLC