I’m a geek and a nature-lover. I enjoy hiking, growing a garden, crafting bash scripts on one of my home Ubuntu Linux computers, reading online computer and boardgame forums, playing video games, observing the world, and thinking about the fascinating chemistry of everyday life.

Other Professional Experience and Interests

  • Skilled Computer & Networking Technician Self-taught computer programming, scripting, and web development experience (emphasis on Python). Comfortable with Linux, Unix, OS X, and Windows environments. Proficient with Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, HTML & CSS web design, Wolfram Mathematica, and Linux server management.
  • GUMBI President, Treasurer, & Web manager 2008-2010 Led graduate student organization for the assistance of fellow students and to help communicate graduate student concerns to faculty. Organized finances, talked to students, and created website content.
  • President of UCSB Science Fiction & Fantasy Club 2006-2008 Led a group of graduate and undergraduate students interested in science fiction and fantasy novels and movies.